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Surname: MAHON This family lived north of Fair Hill and directly north of Sharp's Graveyard. I am especially interested in the family of Benjamin and Sarah J. 1840's. William and Reese are common given names in this line and prior Mahan families. Other surnames in this line Finley and Huggins.
Time Period: late 1700-thru early 1900's
Submitter: Christina Martinez
Email: clm9345{at}mac.com


Surname: MAHONEY Margaret, Charles and Denis, children of Denis and Sarah Mahoney; three children born in Cecil County, St. Stephens Parish, MD
Time Period: 1704-1714
Submitter: Agnes M. Donnelly
Email: adonn4life{at}aol.com


Surname: MARLEY WILLIAM , BENJIMAN , JOHN and HENRY MARLEY all bored between 1740 and 1750 . Family would have been in CECIL CO. around 1700 hundred and came from ENGLAND.
Time Period: 1700-1760
Submitter: Linda Garrett
Email: missd55{at}aol.com


Surname: MARQUES William Marquis (1683 – 1750)
Time Period: 1683 – 1750
Submitter: Lee Scott
Email: lee-gay {at} bresnan.net


Time Period: PRIOR TO 1791
Email: fbscan{at}islc.net


Surname: MAULDIN The will of Francis Mauldin was dated April, 1770, Cecil County, MD. There is a "Mauldin Moutain" in the park near Turkey Point Lighthouse.
Time Period: 1700's
Submitter: Catherine Mauldin Tanner
Email: catherine@joeltanner.net


Surname: MAXWELL My Cecil Co. Lineage: William Maxwell resided No. Susquehanna 100 in 1766. Left will 1780 naming children. Son James m. Isabell Leiper, resided West Nottingham 100 in 1783. Left will 1783. His son James 1774-1830, m. Elizabeth Patten. His son William Thomas 1798-1839 m. Margaret Kellough.
Time Period: 1766 to 1837
Submitter: Patricia Morrison
Email: williamnmorrison{at}yahoo.com


Surname: MAXWELL James Maxwell
Time Period: 1740 - 1750
Submitter: Mary Jane Dalgleish
Email: JaneGD{at}aol.com


Surname: McCARDELL(DLE) McCardells have been in Cecil county since the time the Mason-Dixon line was formed, having also lived in Southern Chester County.
Time Period: From 1790
URL: McCardell(dle) Website
Submitter: Marian McCardell Baughman
Email: mimbaugh{at}zoominternet.net


Surname: McCARTNEY John McCartney daughters Araminta, Mary, Margaret, Jane, Rachel sons Robert and John
Time Period: 1780's to 1850's
Submitter: Chris Hafstad
Email: Chris {at} hafstad.com


Surname: McCLURE James McClure, probably son of William McClure, married Eve Hyer on 07 Nov. 1795 in Cecil County. He died 1816 in Belmont County, Ohio.
Time Period: Pre 1800
Submitter: Cindy Eikamp
Email: ceikamp@nrctv.com


Surname: McCOWIN James McCowin.

One of the "Settlers of '96", Beaver Co.,PA (http://www.rootsweb.com/~usgenweb/pa/lawrence/1908/lilbeavr.htm)

Time Period: Reported to have left in 1793 for Washington Co, PA
Submitter: Bob McCown
Email: bob.mccown{at}bigpond.com.au


Surname: McCOY / McCAY John McCoy/McCay came to America, from Ireland as far as we know. He purchased land from James Alexander in Cecil Co. MD. He married Esther Betty/Beaty, daughter of Walter Betty/Beaty of York, Co. PA. They had 8 or 9 children, of who 4 married Alexanders. Their son Beaty married Margaret Alexander the 3rd, their daughter Mary married George Alexander, their daughter Esther married Ezekiel Alexander, their daughter Elizabeth married Josiah Alexander. We also believe that Beaty's son Henry McCoy married Dorcas Alexander. John McCay/McCoy's will was written in 1781, Cecil Co. MD, Esther's will was written in 1757, Cecil Co. MD and Walter Betty's will was written in 1752, York Co. PA.
Time Period: 1700's
Submitter: Tim McCoy
Email: tjmccoy6599{at}sbcglobal.net


Surname: McINTIRE / McINTYRE Samuel McIntyre noted citizen of Cecil County.
Time Period: 1800 - 1860
URL: McIntire/McIntyre Site
Submitter: Sandra McIntire
Email: drfiddler1{at}msn.com


Surname: MEEKINS I am looking for James Meekins' parents. James was born 6 June 1760 in MD and died 2 Nov 1830 in Hampshire Co, VA. He married Tamar Taylor, daughter of Joseph Taylor (born abt 1729 in MD) on 4 Jan 1784 in MD. I have found James Meekins and Joseph Taylor in the 1790 Cecil Co, MD census. I would really like to know who James' and Joseph's parents were, and if they served in any way in the Revolutionary War (militia, Oath of Allegience, or donation to army, active service, etc). I do not know who Joseph Taylor married, but Tamar was born 9 Oct 1758 in MD. The dates and names are from a Meekins Family Bible record that I found about a year ago.
Time Period: ante 1760 to abt 1790
Submitter: Beth Warner Perona
Email: beth{at}chem.csustan.edu


Surname: MERRITT Looking for info. on William Merritt who married Jane Last name unknown married in Cecil Co., MD. Would like to know Jane's last name.
Time Period: 1654/1678
Submitter: Rebecca Merritt
Email: rsnowbabies{at}aol.com


Surname: MISSIMER Jacob Missimer married Fanny Shepard. Had 2 sons and 1 daughter. Lived in Elk Mills.
Time Period: late 1800, early 1900
Submitter: George Missimer
Email: george{at}missimer.com


Surname: MOFFETT Three, I assume were sisters, but I could be wrong they married brothers (FORD) from Kent Co., DE. They had a brother Enock Moffett b. Cecil Co, MD
Time Period: 1771-1797
Submitter: Jackie Skinner
Email: askinner27{at}comcast.net


Surname: MORGAN earliest Morgan found "William" in Cecil county early 17th century. He died 7/01/1679in Cecil Cty. Morgans countinue to reside in Cecil County and surrounding Kent Cty Md and New Castle Cty De.
Time Period: Abt 1620 to current
Submitter: Kay Morgan Holmes
Email: kayekholmes{at}aol.com


Surname: MULLEN / MULLIN / MULLENS / MULLINS Started out in Bohemia Manor. Suspect this family was associated with ironworks in Cecil County. Suspect associated with King George Co. in Virginia.
Time Period: Beginning late 1600s
Submitter: Madeline Van Hoose
Email: mvanhoose{at}aol.com


Surname: NESBITT Eleanor Nesbitt married William Tosh at West Nottingham Presbyterian Aug.8, 1808. They had many children and lived their lives in Cecil Co. MD. (Colora) I would like to know the name of Eleanor's parents and siblings.
Time Period: 1808-1865
Submitter: Diane Tosh Minton
Email: mindee527{at}yahoo.com


Surname: NESBITT Nesbitt family traced loosely to Alexander Nesbitt (b. abt. 1755, d. 1814) md. Elizabeth Love one of six children was Samuel Nesbitt, jr (b. 17 Aug 1788, d. 4 Mar 1841) md. Harriet Lyons - others Robert (b. 1795), Alexander (b. 1801), David James (b. 1804), Jonathan (b. 1806), Joseph Gordon (b. 1790)
Time Period: 1700s-1800s
Submitter: Robert L. Windemuth
Email: windem{at}yahoo.com


Surname: PARK This family inter married with many documented families in Cecil Co., but they them selves have not surfaced. Surnames associated with Park(any spelling or plural)-Durell(any spelling), Clark,Lockerman, Lewis, Hines, Sullivan, Jones, Matthews, Moore, and more names.
Time Period: 1850- present
Submitter: Nancy Park Yu
Email: NancyYu1{at}optonline.net


Surname: PATTEN/PATTON William Patten, son of David, m. Sarah. William left will in Cecil Co. in 1812 naming children: Eliz., David, William, Thomas, John, and Sarah. Their daughter Elizabeth m. James Maxwell in 1797.
Time Period: 1797-1837
Submitter: Patricia Morrison
Email: williamnmorrison{at}yahoo.com


Surname: PATTERSON joseph patterson revolutionary,wife jane son robert. resided back creek. form ulster to virginia,to back creek to jordan,clearfield,pa.
Time Period: 178? -180?
Submitter: Alan Patterson
Email: pipeman32{at}gmail.com


Surname: PAXTON James Walter Paxton and Laura Elizabeth Lawrence lived in Port Deposit during this time. They had several children including my Great Grandmother Bessie who married Oliver Taylor Narvell
Time Period: 1875-1923
Submitter: Frank Narvell
Email: fiscalfrank{at}yahoo.com


Surname: PEACH John Peach III was the father of Laura Louisa Peach who married John Jay Williams of St. Augustine. John Peach was one of the first Trustees of the ME Church in Cheasapeake City in 1848.

Time Period: 1800 - ?
Submitter: Tim Ganous
Email: tganous{at}verizon.net


Surname: POAK (POLK, POLLOCK) David Poak, Sr 1748 - 1792, West Nottingham Hundred; John Poak 1759 - 1787, Octorara Hundred.
Time Period: 1727 to 1799
Submitter: Janet Gritzner
Email: jgritzner2{at}mchsi.com


Surname: PORTER Stephen PORTER, ESQU--son of James PORTER. Looking for info on Stephen PORTER's children. James came from Ireland in 1727 and the family lived in Octarora Hundred.
Time Period: 1727-middle 1800's
Submitter: Deb Bretz
Email: dklbretz{at}verizon.net


Time Period: 1882
Submitter: Stan Brady


Surname: PRICE Veazey Price, Cecil Co. father of Elias Price. Elias born 1818 in Mason Co., Ky. Moved to St. Louis County Missouri. Elias died in 1846 in Mo.
Time Period: 1626 - 1800
Submitter: Donna Feagans
Email: DonnaFeagans{at}comcast.net


Surname: PRICE Searching for information on John Hyland Price and Family,(great grandfather) from the Cherry Hill and Elkton area. Suppose to be buried in Cherry Hill Cemetery but can not locate. Any info greatly appreciated.
Time Period: 1861 - 1929
Submitter: Bettyann Seagraves
Email: matches{at}delanet.com


Surname: PRICE Joseph Price m. Eliza Ann Veazy, Jan 7, 1818; had a dau, William, Joseph W., Henry, James Peregrine, John Veasey, George, Mary Virginia
Time Period: 1790-1844
Submitter: Trish Surles
Email: tsurles{at}theauroragroup.com


Surname: QUIEN Fair Hill area. Robert Quein 1820-1904 originally from Chester Co. Associated surnames; Morrison,Wooden,Murphy,Lort,Biles,Stewart. Buried Sharp's Cemetery.
Time Period: 1850>
Submitter: Jim Turner
Email: jht456{at}hotmail.com


Surname: RAGAN Looking for descendants of Marshall Ragan born 1826 died 1908 lived off of what is now Ragan Rd in Conowingo. Marshall Ragan married Rachel Ann Pierce born 1834 died 1911.
Their children, John W., George F., Mary E. (married Joseph Cutler), Stephen Charles, David M., William A., and Harvey A.
Marshall Ragan father was reportedly William Ragan and mother Rachel Hartshorn.
Looking for any information or sources regarding this family.
Time Period: 1850- to present
Submitter: Dana
Email: bmorrison11@yahoo.com


Surname: RAMSAY, Josias  
Time Period: probably 1860's
Submitter: Ethelyn St John
Email: ethelyn{at}fiberpipe.net


Surname: RAWLINGS Greenbury Rawlings moved to Cecil County sometime in the late 1700's or early 1800's, He died 10 Feb 1815. He along with other family members are buried in West Nottingham Cemetery. I am descended from Greenbury through my grandfather Llewellyn Rawlings of Conowingo.
Time Period: Late 1700's or early 1800's to present
Submitter: Thomas Carroll Rawlings (Tom)
Email: TRawl10385{at}aol.com


Surname: REDDICK Robert Reddick, b about 1715, bought land in Kent Co Del in 1748. He was identified as a planter from Cecil Co MD. Wife was Catharine. Any information on his background appreciated. Robert REDDICK m. Catherine ELIASON d. of Cornelius ELIASON St. Stephens Church Cecil Co Aug 1731. Moved to Kent Co. Del in 1748. Died 1761.
Time Period: Prior to 1748
Submitter: Paul Reddick
Email: PSReddick{at}aol.com


Surname: REILEY Matthew Reiley and wife Catherine arrived in Cecil County in 1750, possibly from Germany. The births of sons John and Matthew Jr. were registered at St. Mary Anne's Episcopal Church, Northeast, MD.
Time Period: 1750-62
Submitter: William Reiley
Email: wsr{at}majornet.com


Surname: REYNOLDS Would like to establish if the Henry Reynolds, said to have had the Rising Sun Tavern on Lot 17 in the 'Nottingham Lots' was my ancestor. My Henry(1693-1779) was willed one of his father's tracts of land in Nottingham, Chester Co. The name Henry Reynolds appears on Nottingham Lots 5 & 19 on a 1702 map of the lots. I have been told that Henry Reynolds also had lot 17. and here had the Rising Sun Tavern...but I do not know if it was Henry Sr. or Jr. Where could I find records showing which Henry Reynolds owned the tavern??
Time Period: 1720 - 1780
Submitter: Penelope Deib
Email: copperp{at}telusplanet.net


Surname: RIDGE Ridge Family was in Cecil County and Maryland before 1799. Some left and went west. Others Stayed in Maryland. Looking for William died around 1746/47, his wife Cornelia died around ????.
Time Period: pre 1799
Submitter: Dan Houser
Email: dehouser{at}comcast.net


Surname: RIKER John Riker, b app between 1761 and 1770, appears in teh census in Cecil County in 1820 and 1830. Elizabeth Riker, b app 1790 in New York, appears in the household of Thomas Moore in Lower Oxford, Chester County, PA, in 1850. The wife and the youngest daughter of John Riker's household in 1820 and 1830 are of ages consistent with them being Elizabeth Riker and Thomas Moore's wife Emaline/ Emeline, b appr 1828/1829, in Maryland. If she was also the mother of the oldest children, they married around 1808-1810 when she was in her late teens. In 1860, there was noone in the U.S. named Riker born in Maryland, even though John Riker had several sons; suggesting that he may not have lived in Maryland much previous to 1820. If John Riker was the husband of Elizabeth Riker, he must have died by 1850.
Time Period: 1820-1830
Submitter: Dora Smith
Email: villandra{at}austin.rr.com


Surname: ROWLAND Robert Rowland, North Milford Hundred, 1745 - 1780 "Brick Hill" William Rowland, North Susquehanna Hundred, 1749 - 1781 "Glasshouse"
Time Period: 1740 - 1782
Submitter: Janet Gritzner
Email: jgritzner2{at}mchsi.com


Surname: SAVIN William and Elizabeth Savin arrived in Cecil County on the Sassafras in 1664. The focus on this family is in the First and Second Election (Cecilton was called "Savinton" after this family around 1820)
Time Period: 1664 to present
URL: Savin Family Website
Submitter: Dennis R. Brooks
Email: lingvistika{at}yahoo.com


Time Period: 1774 TO 1825
Email: fbscan{at}islc.net


Surname: SCHOPFER looking for son
Time Period: 1962 1964
Submitter: Richard Schopfer
Email: richschopf{at}net zero.net


Surname: SHELTON Thomas Shelton had large grants in VA and Maryland. I am descended from him via Stephen, Stephen W., Elipaz, Hezekiah, Nehemiah, Horance and his dau Ione Nelda Shelton Howell of Coryell County, Texas.
Time Period: Arrived Abt. 1640, died Abt. 1683/4.
Submitter: Weldon W. Howell
Email: elbbbb0295{at}earthlink.net


Surname: SHARP My ancesters were called Sharp and came from Scotland and England.

Thomas Sharp, son of David Sharp. Thomas was apparently born in Cecil Co.11 NOV 1718, and died there 11 NOV 1785. My records are fairly basic and any help would be appreciated.

Time Period: 1700's
Submitter: Bob Sharp
Email: RSHAVEN{at}aol.com


Surname: ST. CLAIR I am interested the line from John St.Clair who was married to Margaret.Their son Samuel who married Mary ?. Their son John P who married Anna Harris. This family moved briefly to Harford Co in 1860 but had returned in 1870.
Time Period: 1850-1930
Submitter: Michelle Harding
Email: Mshue71{at}aol.com


Surname: STOOPS Researching the surname of STOOPS throughout the U.S.
Time Period: all dates
URL: http://stoopsstudy.com/
Submitter: Yolanda Campbell Lifter
Email: ylifter {at} ohiofamilyresearch.com


Surname: STRONG Albert lived in Cecil County with his wife (name unknown) and two children, William b. 1810 in Maryland and Jane b. 1815 in Maryland. Children’s birthdates are from census. I am looking for emigration, land, birth and tax information on Albert.
Time Period: 1810 through 1817
Submitter: MaryLu Metz
Email: mlmetz5612{at}yahoo.com


Surname: STUBBS The first information we have is that Eli Stubbs, Born 1797, Died Jan 28, 1834, Married Mary Ann Webb on May 7, 1820, in the United Methodist Church in Chesapeake City, Cecil County, MD. Many of his descendants are still living in the area.
Time Period: 1820 - Present
Submitter: James V. Stubbs
Email: j37sn47s{at}aol.com


Surname: TAYLOR Taylor family were Boart Builders and carpenters, worked in Elkton for Deiberts boat works, from cecilton in Cecil Co. Md.
Time Period: 1800 - 1900
Submitter: Warner L Taylor
Email: eggmanwt{at}aol.com


Surname: TAYLOR I am looking for James Meekins' parents. James was born 6 June 1760 in MD and died 2 Nov 1830 in Hampshire Co, VA. He married Tamar Taylor, daughter of Joseph Taylor (born abt 1729 in MD) on 4 Jan 1784 in MD. I have found James Meekins and Joseph Taylor in the 1790 Cecil Co, MD census. I would really like to know who James' and Joseph's parents were, and if they served in any way in the Revolutionary War (militia, Oath of Allegience, or donation to army, active service, etc). I do not know who Joseph Taylor married, but Tamar was born 9 Oct 1758 in MD. The dates and names are from a family bible record that I found about a year ago.
Time Period: ante 1729 to abt 1790
Submitter: Beth Warner Perona
Email: beth{at}chem.csustan.edu


Surname: THOMAS Benjamin B. Thomas lived in Port Deposit (1820s) and Elkton (1840s & 1850s). He was a master Cooper (barrel-maker). He married Mary Short on May 2, 1815 at the West Nottingham Presbyterian Church. He had two known sons, John and Zebulon, both were coopers by trade. Both sons fought for the Union in the Civil War, and both saw President Abraham Lincoln at Fort Monroe, in Virginia. Zebulon was later wounded at the Battle of Antietam.
Time Period: 1700s-1800s
Submitter: Kelly Thomas
Email: Neteducator{at}aol.com


Surname: TIBBITT The Tibbits were farmers in Cecil County until the death of William J in 1898. His widow, Mary With (or Withe), was living in Wilmington Delaware by 1900, and his son ended up in New Jersey. I am looking for information on William J's father Samuel(1818-?), and his wife Sarah Moore (1821-1880), who were married 16 Jan 1838. Samuel appears on the 1840 and 1850 census, and does not appear on any records after that.
Time Period: 1800 - 1898
URL:  Tibbitt Family
Submitter: Chris Jahn
Email: chrisjahn{at}fastmail.us


Surname: TODD Levi Todd was born in Cecil Co. Md in 1801 and married Mary Ann Reynolds in Cecil Co. Md 18 june 1828. By 1850 they were living in New Castle Co. De where their daughter Rachel married William H Jeanes/Janes
Time Period: 1801 - 1850
Submitter: Mary L. Janes
Email: mlt42us{at}yahoo.com


Surname: TODD William Todd, probably married Elizabeth Maybar/Mayban, sons Edward, James, John, William, Levi, Robert, daughters Elizabeth, Margaret.
Time Period: 1790 - 1850
Submitter: Chris Hafstad
Email: Chris {at} hafstad.com


Surname: TOSH Tosh Family lived near Colora, Cecil Co. MD and attended West Nottingham Presb. Ch. where most family members are buried.
Time Period: 1808-1940
Submitter: Diane Tosh Minton
Email: mindee527{at}yahoo.com


Surname: WALBACH Christopher Walbach was married to Lydia Elsberry. They had several children prior to his death in 1720-1730 at which time the children used Walbach as their middle names and Elsberry as their surnames.
Time Period: prior to and including 1720-1730
Submitter: Nell Hurley
Email: hurleyjenkins{at}erols.com


Time Period: 1785-1845
Email: fbscan{at}islc.net


Surname: WATTS William Watts 1808 to 1860-70 and 2nd wife Hester Van Dyke in Appoquinimink Hundred,DE in 1850, St. Augustine, MD 1860, Hester without William in Chesapeake City in 1870, Hester with sone J.T. Wats in Cecilton in 1880
Time Period: 1860, 70, 80
Submitter: Jean Allread
Email: allrdmj{at}totcon.com


Surname: WELLS Thomas F. Wells, a laborer, was married to Annie Briel (interested in other descendants of different "Briel" spellings.
Time Period: 1920-1940
Submitter: J. Fasig
Email: JDeTurk36{at}aol.com


Surname: WHALEY Isaac Whaley (1792, MD; d. 1858, Chesapeake City, Cecil County) married Jamina/Jemima (maiden name unknown). The family settled in Chesapeake City, Cecil County, circa 1850 and had the following children: William N. Whaley (1836-?), Isaac Harrison Whaley (1840-1915) m. Amanda Frances Hudson; George Washington Whaley (1842-1912); Nicholas Whaley (1844-?); Mary C. Whaley (1849-1901). Isaac H. Whaley and George W. Whaley served in the U.S. Civil War in Company A, 5th Maryland Volunteers. Isaac H. and Amanda F. (Hudson) Whaley lived in Chesapeake City until circa 1900. They had the following children: James H. Whaley (1869-1881); William N. Whaley (1871-1896); Julia Emma Whaley (1873-1873); Charrie Ethlen Whaley (1874-1920); Joshua E. Whaley (1878-?); Ella Elizabeth Whaley (1881-1946); John Whaley (1882-1882); Thomas Howard Whaley (1884-1946); Annie Jones Whaley (1886-1950); George Benjamin Whaley (1889-1964); Isaac E. Whaley (1889-1889); Edwin Whaley (1890-1890); Roy E. Whaley (1893-1893).
Time Period: 1850-1900
Submitter: Susan Deeks
Email: smaier{at}warwick.net


Surname: WHITELOCK John Whitelock married Mary T. White buried at Principio Methodist Church and their descendants. Also database of other Whitelocks from Cecil and Harford.
Time Period: 1800-1920
Submitter: Barb Anderson
Email: tomandbarba{at}msn.com


Surname: WILCOX Looking for info regarding Isaac Wilcox as being part of the Bohemia Manor Hundred. I'm specifically looking to determine the names of any children he had.
Time Period: Early to mid 1700s
Submitter: Eric Wilcox
Email: ericwilcox{at}gmpexpress.net


Surname: WILEY Samuel Wiley was born in Cecil Co, Md in 1749. His father came from northern Ireland. Samuel left for Cumberland Co., Pa. in 1772. Am assuming his parents died and are buried in Cecil Co.
Time Period: 1740-1780
Submitter: Rick Wiley
Email: rick{at}ringgoldcountyiowa.com


Surname: WILLIAMS John Jay Williams from Cheltenham, PA purchased 346 acres at the St. Augustine cross roads in 1866. He married Laura Peach in 1871. Last Williams family member to reside at the St. Augustine farm was Adelaide Williams who died in 1965.
Time Period: 1866 - 1960
Submitter: Tim Ganous
Email: tganous{at}verizon.net


Surname: WILSON John Robert Wilson, son of Amanda Williams Wilson and William C. Wilson was born Feb 20, 1866 in Rising Sun, Md.
Time Period: 1860s
Submitter: Joanne
Email: BruNet57{at}juno.com


Surname: WOODLEN/WOODLAND Francis E. Woodlen lived in Port Deposit and attended Hopewell Methodist Church. Francis married Sarah A. Knight around 1852 and had ten children; the oldest was a William Pierson Woodlen. William married Mary Catherine Whitelock in 1874. The Woodlen family left Port Deposit for Chester City, PA. circa 1887.
Time Period: ?-1887
Submitter: Kelly Thomas
Email: Neteducator{at}aol.com


Surname: WRIGHT Lewis T. Wright Born 1802-4, married to ?, found on Cecil Co. 2nd distr. Census in 1840. Moved shortly thereafter with brother William to Virginia, then on to Linn Co, Missouri. Married Sarah Kirby of Kent. about 1847
Time Period: pre-1800 to 1840
Submitter: Kitty
Email: mizkate16642{at}tds.net


Surname: WYRE / Wire This family has a variety of spellings for it's Surname!(wire,wyer,weir,...) This family comes from PA to Cecil County,MD about 1843.The focus is on David Wire/Wyre b.1810 PA d.North East,MD. other surnames: (1810-1920) Alexander, Dilks, Freeze, Hall, Manger, Mason, Witworth, Rockey-(Stricker) and a few unknowns. Any help appreciated.
Time Period: 1843-present
Submitter: Veronica Weddington-Wyre
Email: wyrehill{at}charm.net

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